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I’m a professional freelance photographer with a studio in Collingwood, Melbourne. While I specialise in commercial and corporate photography, my folio covers a range of industries. If you would like to chat further or throw a brief my way, you can contact me below...

Making my clients and subjects comfortable in front of and behind the camera is at the heart of my work as a professional photographer and videographer. 

Whether it’s for a fashion shoot or corporate portraiture, I want everyone involved to feel empowered.I specialise in commercial and corporate photography, as you can see in my projects, I’ve put my hand to most industries. 

Looking through you might also notice I’m a jack of all trades: I’m often the photographer, director and producer, as well as the lighting and audio technician in a single shoot. And I love it.

If you need an efficient, personable, professional and multi-skilled photographer/ videographer for your next project, pop into my studio in Collingwood for a chat, or fill in the form below (the more detail you can provide the better).

Hi, I’m Stav Sakellaris, let’s get snapping! More about me here...

Corporate Photography

Commercial and Corporate Gallery Portfolio

We’ll work together to create imagery that speaks to your audience and complements your company’s messaging. My services for commercial and corporate shoots include professional photographs of your workplace, personnel, employees, corporate portraits and more. These images can be specified to advertising, brochures, catalogues and websites. As you can see in my Corporate & Commercial folio here, I cater to all industries and styles.

Fashion Photography

Garments, Shoes & Accessories

As you know, fashion photography is more than beautiful clothes and people. It requires location scouting, model casting and, of course, experienced photographers. I cover all these aspects. All editing is done by me and my assistant, to the highest standards and within a short timeframe. Together, we’ll help your fashion brand stand out in a competitive market. Check out my Fashion work here.

Product Photography

Jewellery, Bags, Watches, Wine Bottles and more...

A well-photographed product can be the difference between a conversion and a bounce. I aim to replicate the quality of your product through sharp, illustrative images that can be used for any medium, including print, corporate profiles, e-commerce websites and social media. I provide all necessary editing and can deliver to tight deadlines. See samples of my Product work here.

Architecture & Interiors

Homes, Schools, Developments, Apartments and more...

When it comes to architectural and interior photography, it’s all about the subtle interventions that make a space unique and habitable. My imagery highlights these details to ensure the viewer has a cohesive understanding of the project as well as the design intent behind it. View my Architectural Photography here.


commercial videos, promo videos, interviews, slide-shows and in-house corporate videos

As the videographer, I’m on this journey with you from start to end to ensure we create a piece that gets your audience’s attention.

From pre-production strategies through to location filming and post-production editing, I’m there. View my Videography here. 


My clients range from small businesses to large corporations. No matter the size of the company or the scope of the work, I always enjoy meeting new clients and nutting out the best solution to their situation. View more of my clients here.

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