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Hiring a Photographer: How to Find the Best Freelancer

Hiring a photographer to capture moments is a special part of business history. Learn here how to hire the best freelance for an event.

Are you thinking about hiring a photographer to capture the special moments that take place during your next event?

If so, you shouldn't have too tough of a time tracking down interested candidates. There are approximately 10,000 professional photographers offering services all across Australia at this time.

But you shouldn't hire just anyone to get the job done. When hiring a photographer, you want to make sure that you hire the very best so that you walk away with some amazing and useable photos at the end of your event.

This is often easier said than done. Sorting through all of the photographers located in your specific area can be a challenge. But there are some simple ways that you can find the right photographer for your event without pulling your hair out over it.

Here are a few tips that will help you hire a freelance photographer for your event.

Decide What Kinds of Photos You Want Taken at Your Event

Before you start looking around for the right photographer to take photos at your event, you should carefully consider what kinds of photos you want your photographer to take.

Are you looking for:

     •  Close-up photos of people in the crowd at your event?

     •  Exclusive photos of everything happening behind-the-scenes at your event?

     •  Staged photos of people accepting awards at your event?

     •  Some combination of all three of these types of photos?

There are some freelance event photographers who specialise in picking out the right people in the crowd to photograph. There are others who are great at wrangling people together for group photos.

You should decide what kinds of photos you actually want so that you can choose the best freelance photographer based on your needs. You'll make your photographer search a lot easier when you take the time to consider your photo needs first.

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Ask Others For Photographer Recommendations

Do you know an event planner or a businessperson in your area who has thrown an event recently? If you do, you should think about asking them if they have any photographers that they could recommend to you.

In a perfect world, they'll be able to provide you with the name and number of a great photographer that they use on a regular basis. They can also tell you all about what it's like to work with them as well as what you can expect from their work.

But even if they're not able to recommend a photographer, they might know someone else that you can ask for recommendations. Your goal should be to try and scrounge up the names of at least a few photographers through "word of mouth." This will increase your chances of finding someone you can rely on for your event photography.

Read Online Reviews For Photographers in Your Area

If you don't know anyone that you can ask for photographer recommendations, don't worry. There's another way that you can go about generating a list of good local photographers who handle event photography.

Turn to the internet for help and Google "event photographers in [your city/town]." This should yield lots of results and provide you with a long list of photographers located in and around your specific city or town.

Additionally, it should give you immediate access to online reviews for most of these photographers. You can browse through these reviews and get a sense of what other people have had to say about the photographers over the years.

Try to read through both positive and negative reviews for each event photographer so that you get a good overview of what they bring to the table. Within just an hour or two, you should have a short list of five photographers that would be great for your event.

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Speak With Several Photographers About Their Event Services

Once you have a working list of photographers that might be good for your event, reach out to them and ask them questions about their event services. Try to get a good sense of what each photographer is all about based on their answers to your questions.

Some of your questions should include:

     •  "How long have you been an event photographer?"

     •  "What are some examples of events you've photographed in the past?"

     •  "Do you always work alone, or do you have other photographers who help you during larger events?"

     •  "How many photos do you typically take during events?"

     •  "Can you provide me with references?"

     •  "How many cameras do you use during an event?"

     •  "Do you're cameras have dual cards (should a single card fail, there is a backup)?"

     •  "Do you include any post processing to the images you provide and is that included in the cost?"

A good photographer will be able to answer each and every question that you ask in depth. They'll also be able to put your mind at ease if you have any concerns at all regarding the kinds of photos you want taken at your event.

See How Quickly Photographers Can Provide You With Photos

If you're going to photograph an event, it's important for you to get photos back from a photographer as quickly as you can. If it takes a photographer several weeks to send you photos, the event is going to be a distant memory at that point.

Ask the different photographers that you speak with how quickly they can provide you with photos following your event. You want someone who can get them to you within a day or two, tops.

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Consider the Cost Associated With Working With Photographers

When you're thinking about which freelance photographer to hire for your event, you might be tempted to simply choose the least expensive one. But this is not the best approach to take.

The cheapest photographer is often the one who is going to provide you with low-quality photography. It's well worth paying a little bit extra for someone who is going to take their time and send you amazing photos in the end.

Look for a freelance photographer who offers fair and affordable prices based on the services they'll provide. By making a little bit more of an investment into your event photography, you can walk away with much better photos after your event.

Start the Process of Hiring a Photographer Today

If you're thinking about hiring a photographer for an upcoming event, you should start talking to different photographers now about the job.

Focus on finding photographers who will go above and beyond to get you the photos you need. It'll make your event even more successful when you have photos to show for it after it ends.

Contact me today to learn about the event photography services I can provide for you.

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