Have a Successful Shoot With a Fashion Photographer in Melbourne

As a fashion label, you've probably considered hiring a photographer to come in and take some amazing photographs for your business. But having a finalised product of photos good enough to use for your company's marketing materials isn't the easiest task. That's why you need to hire a fashion photographer in Melbourne who knows how to give you exactly what you want.

Once you've hired a professional Melbourne photographer, you'll then need to do some preparation for the shoot. There are some things to know before the photo shoot and some things that you'll need to do. Ready to start your preparations?

Continue reading below to learn everything you need to know to have a successful photo shoot!

Have Guidelines for Your Models

Before the week of the photo shoot, let your models know in advance of its date and time. There should also be some guidelines put into place for what you expect from them during the shoot. Always try to give them notice a few weeks before.

This will give them time to prepare, and they'll appreciate it. Also, ask them to clean all work stations, which will ensure that every area in the space is useable. If you'd like your models to dress a certain way for the photo shoot, then be sure to give clear instructions on what they should wear or have outfits already prepared and sized for each model.

You should ask all models if they're comfortable being photographed for your marketing materials. Those who are comfortable with it should sign a waiver, which clearly explains how their photographs will be used. Doing this in advance will allow for there to also be the time to take any questions.

Doing so will ensure a smooth photo shoot day.

Have Your Vision in Mind

Always know what your vision is. Even if you don't know exactly how you want everything to look, just have a general vision in mind. Your photographer will help put it all together.

When you're planning your branded fashion photo session, have these key thoughts in mind: what visual experience do you want for your audience, and how can you create this experience through photographs? A great way to give your photographer a glimpse into your imagination is by taking pictures off of Pinterest and creating a vision board or storyboard with them.

Show your photographer your brand's voice by choosing pictures, graphics, colours, and other items that are an ideal reflection of your brand. Your photographer can then take these items, use them as inspiration, and create a unique shoot just for you and your brand.

Know the Ideal Photo Location to Show Your Photographer

Take the time to look around your city or neighbourhood and find an ideal photo location. There may be some venues that are more suited for a photo shoot than others. Think about what you're trying to display or get across in these photos and use locations that mirror those ideas.

What are your brand's marketing strategies and values? Keep these in mind when picking out your photo shoot venue. Have a list of these ideal spots written down and give them to your photographer.

You and your photographer can then sit down together and decide which venue would work best for your fashion photo shoot.

Know Where You'll Use Your Photos

Now that you have a storyboard created and a list of places where you'd like the photos to be taken, you should also put together a list of different ways in which you'll be using these photos. This helps your photographer know how to angle the photos and what type of shots should be taken. For example, if you're using these photos for website design or other online media, then you'll need wider images rather than vertical ones.

Your photographer will know how to take certain photos for your specific needs. The following are several places where you might want to use your photos:

∙ Social Media

∙ Your Website

∙ Business Emails

∙ Print Marketing Materials

∙ Featured Events

∙ Your Business Blog

These are just a few places where you might use your photos. Think of what else you might use them for other than on the runway and communicate that with your photographer.

Choose Outfits that Reflect Your Fashion Brand Best

Think about your brand and your fashion vision. What main colours do you use in your clothesline? Try to keep these same colours when deciding on outfits for the photo shoot.

You'll want the outfits being worn to reflect your brand the best, so choose your favourite pieces to show off. Your photographer will have some great ideas to help you piece everything together, but it's important that you have an idea of the colour scheme and style that you want.

Consider Incorporating Fashionable Props

It might seem silly to think about incorporating props into your fashion photo shoot, but these tools can really come in handy. You and your photographer can both bring items to use as props in the photo shoot. Sometimes, props are incorporated randomly and unplanned.

They're a great way to bring the photos to life. Think about what your fashion brand is and what will add value to your photos. Your photographer will love incorporating your ideas into the session.

Need a Fashion Photographer in Melbourne?

If you're looking to hire a fashion photographer in Melbourne, then don't hesitate to contact me today! I am a professional freelance photographer and would love to be a part of your next project. I am available to come to you or have the photo shoot done at my studio.

When you need a successful photo shoot for your fashion brand, look no further!


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