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Benefits of Video Marketing

By 2021, video will represent 82% of all IP traffic. If your business hasn't started using videos, it may be because you don't fully understand the benefits of video marketing.

Whether you're using professional video marketing or you're doing simple video clips for social media, people love video content. Since people love video content, you don't have to do much to get them to watch it.

The value of video is coming to the forefront for small, medium and large businesses alike. You don't want to get left behind. Continue reading this article to learn more about using video for marketing.

Learn the Top Benefits of Video Marketing

The reason most businesses aren't already using video in their strategy is because of the lack of understanding. If you don't understand the importance of a strategy, you're unlikely to look into it. After reading the benefits below, I'm sure you'll be inspired to look into video as a strategy for your business marketing.

#1: Grab Attention

If you want to grab attention - video is the way to do it. Studies show that companies with product videos will sell more. In fact, consumers are 144% more likely to purchase a product if there is a product video.

Imagine the one-time investment of making the video working for you for years to come.

Product videos aren't the only type of video that grabs attention. You can create funny videos in your niche in order to go viral. You may choose to create a short benefit clip to post on social media.

Depending on your product or service, there are many different attention-grabbing strategies you can choose to implement.

#2: Let People Get to Know You

Video is a great way to let people come behind the scenes, so they get to know you. Don't think that you have to do an "about me" video to let people learn more about you and your company.

Creating how-to videos and other helpful content are great ways to "let people in" on who you are. The way you present, talk and act on video will let people make a connection with you. Don't worry so much about how people are going to accept you because the right people will stay.

#3: Builds Trust

When people see who you are and what you're all about, that builds trust. Seeing that you know what you're doing through video is another way to get people to choose you vs some other company.

If you're doing business over the internet, video is even more important. People don't want to be scammed and having video gives them another reason to trust you and your company.

#4: Builds Authority

To boost authority, create high-quality videos that showcase your knowledge. You might choose to hire a professional freelance photographer to get the best video. Video quality does matter when you want to make a good impression.

When people see you have multiple videos and consistently post valuable content, you'll begin to become the go-to authority on the topic. As you start to build your authority with your own video online, other opportunities will open up to share. You may even get invited onto podcasts, television spots and more.

#5: Makes Explaining Easy

While you could take thousands of words to explain how to do something, you could also make it easy by making an explainer video. An explainer video is going to help people through the process much easier than text alone.

You may even choose to create content that both help people through content and video. Many companies have had great success by creating a video and then transcribing it for people that would like to read along. This is especially helpful with tutorial videos.

Explaining via text can get long and boring. Consider making small videos where people can learn a whole step in the single video. Grouping them together in a playlist will make it easy for them to access and people will often save your playlist for watching later.

#6: Boost Sales

As we talked about earlier in the grab attention section, video increases the likelihood that people are going to buy. If you're going to send people to your site, you want to make sure you get the most out of those visitors.

Not only will video grab attention but it will help people make a decision and boost your sales through things like more reach and better conversions.

#7: Increased Sharing

If you look at your social media feed, you're going to see many different videos. Whether it's a cute cat video or a cool new gadget - the videos are there. Someone created that video to get attention, and if you look at the number of shares, you're likely to see thousands.

People don't think twice about sharing a video that makes them laugh, think or even cry. Create a great video, and you may find that it goes viral. One viral video can do a lot for your business.

Working with a professional that can help you put a great video together can help raise the likelihood that your content is going to get shared on social media.

#8: Increased Conversions

Learning how to implement video will allow you to increase your conversion rate by just placing a video. If you do an A/B split test on your sales page to see which one converts best, you will see it is the page that has a video on it. Even if people don't watch your video, it will help you with conversions.

People feel better about websites that have video on them. Video makes people more confident about the legitimacy of the website and the people behind it.

Take Your Video Marketing to the Next Level

Now that you understand the benefits of video marketing don't lose your excitement. Get started with your video strategy today.

Not sure where to get started? Don't worry. Contact me today and let me help you with your next project.

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