Why You Should Use Professional Pictures For Your Social Media

We spend on average 142 minutes scrolling our social media each day.

What began as a college social experiment has now grown to a world of different online platforms. For many industries, social media is like an interactive resume. Careers and relationships are created online.

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?

With so much at stake, your online presence needs to represent you at your best. Whether a LinkedIn profile photo or shots of your product for Instagram. Professional pictures for your social media will speak much more loudly than amateur snaps.

We all have a high-resolution camera at our fingertips these days, but that doesn’t make us good at photography. A professional photographer will consider lighting, lenses, angles, composition, contrast and much more.

The classic mirror selfie or car seat shot isn’t going to give the impression of someone at the top of their game. Read on for some of the key reasons you should consider professional pictures for your social media campaign.

Look Professional

If you are the face of your business, or even just someone who can be connected to the brand online, you want to represent yourself in the best way possible. Your image needs to inspire trust and aspiration in the viewer.

Photographers know how to take a good headshot (you won’t need to point out your good side). If you’re applying for jobs or networking, it’s likely your social media will be one of the first things looked up. You can only make one first impression! This is an opportunity to strengthen your message and present yourself in the best possible way.

Humans naturally gravitate to images which are pleasing to the eye. Attractive people and products are more likely to stand out than those which are less so. It doesn’t matter if you’re not blessed with supermodel looks.

A professional photographer will know how to bring out the best in you. Your social media presence could equal your big break if the image is right.

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Show Your Products

As with carefully choosing the best profile images, your products need to give the best possible first impression too. If you’ve spent time and money on perfecting your designs then they need to be presented in a way that does this justice.

Often if we’ve put our heart and soul into our project, we can stop seeing it clearly. It’s a little too close to home! A professional photographer can provide a fresh look.

The right touch can make the difference for your target audience. Professional product photography is crucial if you’re going to be competitive in your field.

Refine Your Image/Build Your Brand

Whether you’re an influencer or representing your company online, you’re probably very aware of your "brand." This is the signature look that sets you apart from competitors and makes you identifiable by your customers.

Without a clear brand, you won’t have a clear message for your target audience. Amateur photography can damage your brand's reputation.

A professional photographer will identify your unique selling point. They will then deliver this through images. This will extend the reach of your brand and ensure that your message is clear and coherent.

Compatible Quality

There’s nothing worse than uploading your new cover photo to your Facebook page, only to realise the best bit is automatically cropped out. Different social media platforms need different crop or aspect ratios. If you're not a technical wizard, it's best to leave this to the professionals. It can be both frustrating and complicated to get it right!

If you tell the photographer how you intend to use the images, they can ensure that they send you the final results in the correct format. This prevents you trying to make alterations yourself, which could mean loss of image quality and compatibility.

Boost Your Confidence

We’ve all been there - looking at a photo someone has taken of you and thinking "do I really look like that?" If you've been caught off guard by an amateur snapper, chances are you won't look your best. An unflattering photo can knock your self-esteem. If you’re putting yourself "out there" professionally, it’s important that you feel confident.

Whatever your business venture or career move, knowing that you look great will mean you feel great, too. They say you attract the energy that you put out. If you’re feeling confident and positive, then positive things will happen in your professional life. Investment in your self-confidence is an investment in your career.

It’s an Investment

In the same way that shoddy websites can be off-putting to a consumer, lacklustre social media feeds can also turn people off your brand. Consider professional photography to be an investment in yourself. You can use these images time and again!

It needn’t break the bank either. Most photographers will be willing to discuss your budget and work within it. You should be able to get some good deals if you search around. Remember however that as a general rule, you get what you pay for.

Use Professional Pictures for Your Social Media

Anyone looking to advance in their career or promote their business needs to be aware of the importance of a strong social media presence. Social media is a tool for creating relationships and opening doors. However, fancy words are pointless if your images don’t draw people in.

Your images need to inspire interest and trust. This is why you should use professional pictures for your social media.

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