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Wine Bottles Shot with Softer Light

In our Collingwood photography studio, we are able to control every aspect of the lighting needed to provide the perfect results for your product. We have two traditional lighting setups for wine bottles, the first is a soft light that creates a broadly illuminated bottle, ideal for bottles with shiny or reflective labels.

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  • PurvisCellars3789
  • PurvisCellars3779
  • PurvisCellars4407
  • PurvisCellars4404
  • PurvisCellars4409
  • PurvisCellars4394
  • PurvisCellars4479
  • PurvisCellars3971
  • PurvisCellars3964
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Wine Bottles Shot with Bold Contrast

Another lighting option when shooting your wine bottle is to shoot with a hard light that creates contrast. This option is popular with clients to create a product photo that stands out from the rest. This option will make the bottle ‘pop’ especially with red wine bottles as it creates clarity within the contrasting areas.

  • PurvisCellars-2195
  • PurvisCellars-2228
  • PurvisCellars-2241
  • JosephPurvis Cellars-0348
  • JosephPurvis Cellars-0340
  • JosephPurvis Cellars-0156
  • JosephPurvis Cellars-0172
  • JosephPurvis Cellars-0347
  • JosephPurvis Cellars-0438
  • PurvisCellars-1788
  • PurvisCellars-1790
  • PurvisCellars-1776
  • PurvisCellars-1730
  • PurvisCellars-1792
  • PurvisCellars-1774
  • PurvisCellars-1631
  • PurvisCellars-1635
  • PurvisCellars-1659
  • PurvisCellars-1677
  • PurvisCellars-1687
  • PurvisCellars-1711
  • PurvisCellars-1714
  • PurvisCellars-1669

Wine Bottles Shot with Softer Light & Drop Shadow

Adding a drop shadow to your product is a smart way to present the bottle. The technique will give the image a little more context that separates the bottle from the white background. 

  • Del Rios-0578
  • Del Rios-0541
  • Del Rios-0555
  • Del Rios-0569
  • Del Rios-0571
  • Del Rios-0577
  • Del Rios-0536
  • Del Rios-0580
  • Del Rios-0581
  • Del Rios-0505
  • Del Rios-0529
  • Del Rios-0507
Del Rios4729

Wine bottles shot with dark mode lighting

  • PurvisCellars-1834
  • PurvisCellars-1925
  • PurvisCellars-1929
  • PurvisCellars-1934
  • PurvisCellars-1937
  • PurvisCellars-1942
  • PurvisCellars-1944
  • PurvisCellars-1951
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Wines Bottles in situ and lifestyle styling

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