Stavros Sakellaris - Freelance Photographer in Melbourne - Freelance Photographer In Melbourne

Hello, my name is Stavros Sakellaris (my friends call me Stav) and I'm a freelance photographer based in Melbourne  providing a variety of commercial and corporate services. Excuse the self portrait above, I'm not a good model.

I've been using an SLR camera for over 30 years and there's nothing I like more than a new challenge in photography. I love telling a story through photography and sometimes turning the images into moving pictures to create movies. Take a look at my videography page to see what I mean.

At the age of 13, my brother handed me an SLR camera and asked me to take photos at our sister's 18th birthday. I did a crash course using the instruction manual that came with the camera and flash (there was no internet in those days).  I worked out my settings and distances and luckily enough the photos worked out so well, that I became the extended family photographer. I studied photography in the days when we developed film in the darkroom but thankfully (although unromantically), we now post process on computers.  In 2003 I started my own business working as a commercial photographer based in Collingwood, Melbourne. My portfolios include fashion, corporate, architecture, events and portraiture

I haven't won any awards because I haven't entered any, but I hope this website can showcase my work and have you be the judge.  Most boxes on here are not individual selects of my favourite images but projects.  Click a photography category that corresponds with your line of requirements and feel free to browse.

I am still learning the art of photography till this day and I enjoy creating images as much as I did the first day I was handed a camera.  I look forward to a new challenge every day so call me to discuss your project.


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